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Possible Causes of Aviation Accidents

Transportation authorities, including those from the Aviation Safety Network, acknowledge that air travel is the modern day’s fastest and safest means of long-distance travel. This high safety rate in the aviation industry would never have been achieved if it were not for the major improvements undertaken so as not to have a repeat of the accidents that occurred in the past.

Among these improvements are air traffic control (ATC) system upgrade, promotion and assurance of teamwork in the cockpit and the eradication of the idea that the “captain is god,” setting up of the TCAS II collision-avoidance system to help avoid collision accidents, installation of lavatory smoke sensors, use of electronic devices or transponders, upgrade of the rudder Rx, installation of smoke detectors and automatic fire extinguishers in all commercial airliner cargo holds, Mylar insulation replacement with fire-resistant materials, and upgrades aimed at eliminating chances of electrical sparks.

Overall safety, though, does not depend only on improvements and upgrades; airline managers and personnel will also need to strictly observe flying protocols, pilots should always be in perfect health and should never be allowed to pilot a plane if under the influence of alcohol or seen drinking an alcoholic beverage during flight, the aircraft should be regularly maintained, fuel supply should always be checked and replenished, and so forth.

While the most common cause of aviation accidents is pilot error, there also have been instances when mistakes leading to accidents were traced to an air traffic controller, a ground or maintenance crew, or to a member of the airline’s top management. And the main reason resulting to the flight error is almost always an act of negligence.

While aviation accidents seldom occur, the consequences are usually catastrophic whenever these happen. Harm to passengers is not limited to physical injuries or death, though, for even emotional or mental trauma would still render the liable party legally obligated to compensate the victim.

In the event of an accident, the airline owner would usually settle privately with the affected passengers, offering them a settlement amount that they would keep undisclosed. A passenger who is not familiar with the tort law, which governs personal injury (injury resulting from another person’s negligence) can be offered an amount way below that which the law may allow. Being represented by a highly-competent legal counsel, such as a Houston personal injury lawyer, may help the victim get the maximum amount of compensation allowed by the law.

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