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Slip and Fall Accidents and Damages

What damages could someone recover if they are hurt in a slip and fall accident? I went online and did a little research into the reality of the situation. It turns out that as a young adult without kids, I’ve had the privilege of not worrying about serious injuries from a slip and fall. I work in an office environment and I’m in my early thirties. I’m not really at risk for getting injured from most slip and falls, but there are plenty of people that could be seriously hurt by them. According to the attorneys at Glover Law Firm, businesses have a responsibility to make sure that patrons are safe from a slip and fall accident while on their property.

I realized that older people and small children are at risk of being harmed from a standard slip and fall. People that work in a warehouse or factory environment also stand the risk of injury on a day to day basis. Some people need walkers to get around, and they rely on handrails to balance while picking out items at a store. If these handrails are faulty, they could collapse under the weight of a person and cause them to fall. If they are elderly, they could break a hip, or several other bones and end up needing thousands of dollars of medical treatment. I think it’s good that there are lawyers to make sure that people in these situations are able to pursue the money they lose in damages.

Children can’t get seriously hurt by a slip and fall as well. Children tend to be, well, children. They don’t always take care to protect themselves and be aware of their surroundings. If a store employee left a large water spill unmarked in a store aisle, it wouldn’t shock me if a kid was running around and slip in the water while running at full speed. This could cause the child to hit his head and receive a serious brain injury. It’s easy for businesses to train employees well, and make sure to do these little things right so that patrons are safe while on their premises. As customers, we are doing a service to these businesses by choosing to shop at their locations. It is a business owner’s legal responsibility to foster a safe environment for everyone. It also is a sign of respect towards the people that shop there.

Someday I hope to move into management at my job and eventually I would like to own a business of my own. Part of owning a business is implementing safety mechanisms for employees and customers alike. Attorneys  are in the business of keeping business owners accountable and making sure that no one faces financial ruin because of another person’s negligence. I would never want to go into law myself, but these people certainly play an important role in our society.


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